1:1 AFT Session

$120.00 up to 90 minutes

Either online via Zoom, or in person

Very similar to the Group session except it is a private session JUST you and I. These sessions are better for a deeper rooted struggle you are looking to overcome. I am able to facilitate the session differently and often have to use multi-techniques to get the shift or release needed. Things you may use this session for are unlimited really. You are having a struggle in your life AFT can help. Bringing a new mindset and clarity to you.


The Memory Resolution Technique 


TMRT dives a little deeper into memories and allows them to flow to the surface a bit easier. We focus on the memory or event and allow the Essential Oils to work at releasing the memory. It does not erase the event, but the "charge" such as fear, horror, or disgust is often dissolved. Allowing you to live your highest potential and be the best version of yourself. This is a specialized technique that brings a real reset. For anyone suffering from a memory or specific event.

Yes I full heartedly believe Essential Oils can heal our past traumas…ask me more.



AFT facilitated in Groups of 8-25

90 MINUTES $45-75

Usually takes around 90 minutes where I will lead a group through an Aroma Freedom Technique group session. It is a step-by-step process for identifying and releasing negative thoughts, feelings and memories that interfere with reaching our goals and dreams. AFT is meant to be used as a way to set a person’s emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion rather than contracting in fear, doubt and paralysis. It uses Young Living Essential Oils to trigger a permanent shift in how we view ourselves and the world. 

Great examples of group sessions are where a group of people have similar goals, such as team building and upleveling * home based business teams, or a church or community where the collective has a desired intention or outcome, women's groups where they are working on a specific topic such as self worth, overwhelm, career planning, forgiveness and even businesses that want to help their teams be motivated or inspired. Prices is per person and a min of 8 is needed for that price. (although customized packages are always available) These sessions are done generally online, but can be at a convention, board meeting etc also. 

Aroma Reset and Aroma Boost also available for quick sessions. Ask me about these. They may be perfect for your needs of quickly shifting your mindset or dissolving a negative emotion around something that just happened. Prices start at $30


Customized 1:1 or Group Workshop or Retreat Ideas * let’s talk* Book me


For reservations or information:

Consults available to help you decide what session is right for you. 
Please do not suffer alone. Let go of these blocked emotions and live the life you were meant for.


Customized to fit the individuals needs...


We will have a relaxed  talk so I can get to know you and what your outcome or desire looks like. Our session may go from a regular AFT into a TMRT Session which dives a little deeper into memories and allows them to flow to the surface a bit easier. This is often necessary when an event or memory won't allow you to move forward. After we release that deeper set emotion we can then finish off the session and release what is holding you back from your dreams. 


This session is for you if you have been lost, unmotivated, know you have a deeper purpose and just can't figure it out. ~ Or you have some major blocks and you know that a basic AFT session just isn't going to cut it. ~ If you think you "may" be a candidate for this session you probably are! Please contact me, I'd be honoured to help you decide what session is right for you and your personal journey.

Using YoungLiving Essential OIls to allow the amygdala to process the blocked emotion you find yourself. I LOVE my job, and nothing makes me happier that helping you do that. 
AFT HEALS...Mind, Body and SOUL...amen!

the power of essential oils:

  • A new enlightened sense of clarity, purpose, confidence & freedom

  • Better Alignment with your authentic self

  • A life of connection, awareness and intuition

  • Experience a shift in how you view yourself in the world

  • Are you ready to Feel lighter, happier, inspired and energized!