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Debbie Prediger

Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and Coach, Reiki Level 1, Emotional Wellness Coach and Healing Circle Program facilitator , I also use many other energy modalities to talk to your body and soul that helps me guide you through the AFT session.

I have a lifetime of experience and background in helping and supporting others. From working in a Nursing home helping the elderly, to working in a hospital training new parents how to have confidence and trust in their ability to be the best Mom/Dad on the planet. I’ve saved life’s and I’ve held many people’s hands while they took their last breath. Compassionately supporting the loved ones left behind.

I’ve always known that this was my calling. Helping people is a need that touches deep within my soul and holds on tight. As many of you know, being the caregiver can also be a tough life. We don’t know how to take care of ourselves, or to receive the support that we give so freely to others. Over time, that takes a toll on your soul. This is why I am passionate about creating retreats that take care of the caregiver. Email me to be added to the list of notification when dates are released

I’ve always known there was a better way…AFT was the answer to my prayers. 

Aroma Freedom Technique not only helps the caregiver…it helps every person from the child having a melt down to the teacher who is exhausted and not sure she is on the right career path. It helps the firefighter who has seen to much sorrow, and the church pastor who is there to support so many. 

AFT brings release of blocked emotions that have been holding you back from living that life of contentment. To be the best version of you, so you can continue to serve the world. Put your oxygen mask on first so that you can save many. I believe strongly that Aroma Freedom Technique and Emotional Wellness Coaching can help every man, women, and child in a huge impactful way. Let me introduce you to AFT

That’s my AFT why….

So I can continue to serve the world, to make an impact, to show compassion for others, to contribute in a way that matters, and change lives for the better. 

Question and Answers about Aroma Freedom Technique (also check out my Healing Circles and programs)
Q: What is The Aroma Freedom Technique?

A: The Aroma Freedom Technique is a simple, step by step process for gently dissolving negative thoughts, feelings, and memories and connecting a person to their inner guidance. It was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience in private practice and 17 years of experience using essential oils.

Q: How does The Aroma Freedom Technique work?

A: The process works using the principle of Memory Reconsolidation. When a memory is created, it is stored as a complex of image-thought-feeling-bodily sensation. Our implicit (emotional) learning is based on this memory complex. Introducing the aroma of specific essential oils at the right point in the process of recall can break apart this memory complex and thereby restructure the implicit learning connected with the memory. Our results are consistent with the most recent research on Memory Reconsolidation.

Q: Is The Aroma Freedom Technique a replacement for Psychotherapy?

A: NO! The Aroma Freedom Technique involves no diagnosis, history-taking, or prescribing of specific treatments for medical conditions. It can be used by a qualified professional as part of a broader therapeutic strategy for individuals with psychological or psychiatric diagnoses, but it does not replace therapy for those diagnoses.

Q: Do I need to know much about Aromatherapy to use it?

A: No again! The exact essential oils needed to do The Aroma Freedom Technique are specified in the training. Everything you need to know about the role of the sense of smell in down-regulating the amygdala will be explained in the training, but don’t worry – it is easy to learn!

Q: How does a life Coaches integrate The Aroma Freedom Technique into their services?

A: I love using the process to make sure that my clients are not sabotaging themselves with negative self-talk.  Each Aroma Freedom Technique session can stand on its own, so it can be used in each coaching session or only used when there is a feeling of block or limitation.

Q: Do I need to be certified in The Aroma Freedom Technique to use it in my practice?

A: Yes. While Dr. Perkus encourages people to learn the technique and try it out on themselves, family, and friends first, you are required to be certified to use the techniques in your professional practice.

Q: Is The Aroma Freedom Technique based on solid psychological principles?

A: Yes – every step of the 12-step AFT process finds its roots in a major branch of psychotherapy – including cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, solution focused, experiential, and gestalt, among others.  
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Get out of your own way!
— Debbie