Did an AFT session with Debbie and not only was I feeling much better about life, I also made some solid decisions about changes. Debbie asked me questions and had me write the answers to myself. It is all very confidential and she made me open my eyes to what I really want in life. The essential oils are a large part of the session and since the session I use those same oils to remind me of my goals. Once I smell them it brings a peace and calm to me as I know I am on the right track. Try an AFT session with Debbie and see what you really desire in life!
— TD, Alberta

Deb is amazing I Highly recommend an AFT session if you are blocked and emotional issues. I would recommend doing at least 1 session ,see for yourself it’s very interesting and worth it...
— C.A. Alberta

Highly recommend an AFT session! So much emotional blocks were released and allowed me to breakthrough limiting thoughts and memories of toxic things in my past! Everyone needs to try at least one AFT session in their life!
— KM Ohio

did another AFT session with Debbie last night and today I am still amazed at how much better I feel. I chose a lofty affirmation, and yet it feels attainable! Debbie knows the right questions to ask. She asks them in a respectful and non-judgemental way. She is also great at brainstorming ‘next steps’ to help move you forward.

Get your oils and book an AFT session with Debbie if you’re ready to release some old to move forward into some new!
— KH Alberta
what an amazing experience. spent the weekend with Debbie at the women empowerment 2018 session. Debbie introduced me to AFT. Debbie had us go deep down and identified fears and why. one of the most important facts that I discovered is how I allow and listen to other peoples voice and ignore my own. we need to stop listening to the other voices and listen to our own voice. it is there . . shut out the other voices and listen to your own. thank you Debbie you have opened me up and put me on the path I need to be on ❤
— P. Y. Empower Event