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2019 Retreat announcements coming soon

I am in the planning stages of the 2019 local and international retreats

I am planning retreats in 2019 Victoria BC, Ucluelet, BC, Alberta, and Mexico….message me if you have ideas or would like to be on the list for announcements

TBA - spring Victoria, BC & add on Ucluelet, BC if there is enough interest

TBA - Alberta - I haven’t decided what area this year. Last year we did Drumheller, but my local venue is just too Beautiful to leave so unless I find someplace I really want to see in Alberta (suggestions welcomed) I will host all Alberta workshops in Czar, AB

TBA- Puerto Vallarta Mexico area in a small Mexican town we spend our winters here and have immersed ourselves in volunteering and cultural activities. We are putting a list of people together that would like to join us while being guided to use AFT to release what is no longer serving you.

TBA - We are planning fantastic fall “Mystery getaways”. These getaways will be themed as in you will know its a girls get away, or a couples get away. You will know that we will be doing a Reflecting theme, or Dare to dream theme, or even a Courage to heal theme…the difference is that we will plan a 3 day 2 night get away where we will take care of all the deals. You will know the price, and then you will trust us to take care of the details. This is fantastic for those wanting a bit of an adventure as well as some personal growth included. These Mystery trips will be fun, as well as thought provoking, and empowering too.
If this interests you please call to discuss the options. The more we have contact us, the easier it is to plan out the details.

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Local Retreat Venue for Workshops & Retreats

LOCAL RETREATS are held at Czar Alberta. I have access to a beautiful venue that is both elegant and private. It is a dream come true. We are able to be outside in nature weather permitting and have plenty of space for indoor activities as well.

My workshops are 1/2 day all the way up to 2 day…after that I call them retreats and they go into much more details and leave time for pampering, reflection and more coaching.
I hold workshops often and you can email me if you’d like notifications

workshop themes I’ve got planned but not limited to.
Journaling and Reflecting ~ I guide you into reflecting on your life and then journaling. Putting pen to paper is a very healing practice, as well as relaxing and nurturing for the soul. We take time for group sharing circles as well as private time for your reflection. I guide you in a gentle way to look deeper and really allow yourself to reflect on your life.

Dare To Dream ~ I love this session for all of the people that are at a crossroads in their lives. Perhaps they have been stuck and know there is more in life that existing. Perhaps their kids have just left home and they’ve found themselves empty nesters, wondering “what next”. I have people that want to change jobs but have no idea what they truly want to do. I have students that don’t know what they should be taking in university. Basically anyone that has some decisions to make. This Dare to Dream Session really leads you through answering some great questions. I teach you how to listen to your heart not your logical (No fun) brain. To soul search what it is you’ve been looking for. What your soul already knows is possible and needs you to listen so you can live the life you’ve always known was possible.

Courage to Heal ~ These are nurturing and we focus on self love, compassion, self care techniques. I love to pamper you, treat you and allow you to see yourself through the eyes of others. To recognize the greatness within you. To learn to listen to your heart and soul. To learn to be gentle on yourself and let go of judgments. Both of yourself and others. We do some soul searching and work on forgiveness. I use AFT to help you have a new perspective of events or situations in your life. Often if we can see things from another side we are able to let go of the pain or sadness. The Essential Oils and AFT allow this to happen, and it is quite magical. Everyone’s journey is unique and often very personal, so for the Courage to Heal workshops I include a private 1:1 session. We also do a phone consult before you sign up so we know this is the right fit for you.

I am available to do the same workshops at other places so feel free to invite me to your place. I love to travel and explore new areas as well as make new friends. I am always open to all possibilities and that has brought so many blessings into my life.
I do 1/2 day workshops all the way up to 7 day retreats. I’d love to discuss the possibilities with you. 1-780-272-0777

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to Sep 16

SOLD OUT Empower Weekend 2018

Empower yourself like no other. True confidence, awareness and respect. You are worthy.

Empower yourself like no other. True confidence, awareness and respect. You are worthy.

A 2 day event with many speakers and topics all focusing on personal growth.
I presented at this event for both days. I spoke about how our hearts know what we want, when we are in alignment with our hearts desires or resisting what we are meant to hear. I introduced Aroma Freedom Technique and we did a group session. Profound awareness and ah ha moments for the crowd. It is an amazing technique that really allows your TRUE heart’s desires to be acknowledged, seen and heard. On day 2 I took the group through a Dare to Dream session of sorts, and then an AFT session to release what was holding them back from their dreams. (the ones we just discovered)
It was a very powerful and empowering weekend. Time spent with like minded women is always time well spent. True friendships develop as well as new beginnings while being supported and held up by your peers. It is truly a Win win

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SOLD OUT 2018 ~ Drumheller Weekend Retreat
to Jul 8

SOLD OUT 2018 ~ Drumheller Weekend Retreat

Give Gratitude and Have Faith....Living a Life Fullfilled

Have Faith
One step at a Time
Positive Thoughts
Empower Your Mind
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